21-day challnge
Welcome to our

21-day pregnancy 
self care challenge

Would you like to be more in tune with your pregnant body?

Are you ready to take control over your roller coaster feelings and emotions?

Do you need some inspiration so you can actually enjoy your pregnancy and not just wait for your baby?

Would you like to get every day tips to clear your thoughts and focus on what really matters?

Then this challenge is for you, it is absolutely free. 

Starting on May 7th!

Join Nicola and make new friends with an interactive private facebook group included.

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Get your free Pregnancy Self Care Challenge tasks every day for 21 days.

Learn about Nicola and Purna Yoga Helsinki

 Purna Yoga Helsinki is a beautiful yoga studio in the centre of Helsinki. We offer alignment based yoga and asana, pregnancy yoga classes and birth preparation workshops with partner as well as postnatal yoga recovery, group and private, studio in person classes, virtual live stream classes, online courses, etc.
 The place of warmhearted guidance and individual care. Purna Yoga prides itself on considering you as a whole – not only recognizing your physical body, but also your mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Even the word “Purna” means complete. With us, you can and will feel safe and encouraged to move on your path towards the complete version of yourself – the happy and the stress-free version of you.

What our students say:
“Your care for your customers is simply astonishing! You care about what we think, how we feel. Your professionalism should set an example for all the yoga studios in the world!” Laura S. Helsinki/Oulu
Why pregnancy self care matters
 I attended the prenatal yoga and postnatal classes at with Purna. I’m having a great experience and I can say that prenatal classes as well as birth preparation workshop have affected my giving birth experience profoundly, the professional and personal tips given by Nicola have been precious. Moreover it gives you an intimate and relaxing moment for yourself and your baby. I highly recommend it for all the expecting mothers and for new mothers as well. - Laura D. Helsinki
Nicola’s way of teaching is caring and very professional. I never had so much experience with in-depth analysis and knowledge about each asana that we do and what it does to the body. She is so knowledgeable. Purna yoga is exactly what I was looking for. - Eleni D. Porvoo
There are so many different ways that you can take care of yourself in pregnancy and this challenge is a way to start...
Purna Yoga Helsinki
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